Poonam Pandey On Raj Kundra Pornography Arrest

Poonam Pandey On Raj Kundra Pornography Arrest

On September 9, 2021, Poonam Pandey was taken into custody at a Delhi court on charges of criminal offence punishable under sections of the Indian penal code. This is the first arrest made under the “IPC Section” for voyeurism and another offence has been filed against her, carrying imprisonment of upto five years. However it is pertinent to mention that poonam pandey on raj kundra day was not the first face of an IPL scandal. The arrest itself marked only one among many which occurred over next month or so. On October 8th Mumbai Mirror reported that Mumbai Police had registered case for offences under IPC provisions post Pune raids exposed existence two separate networks operating in Mumbai.

According to IPC, any person who knowingly and willfully looks at, records or films another person’s vagina, mouth or any other penetrative sex organ without their consent is guilty of an offence punishable under this code. It includes looking at pictures, videos etc containing nudity or sexual activity whether such act amounts to exposing genitals in public places or performing lap dance on married women or making people engaged in some sort of intimate private/ adult interaction. In this regard poonam pandey on raj kundra Day was just one out many faces involved with such crimes within mumbai cyber world.

The second arrest happened a week later when another porn star from pune identified as Naveen Kaushik got arrested alongwith another accused under IPC same named sameer Ahmed charged for Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Act being an ancient act but covering all types of sexual harassment meted out against women in our country introduced into indian penal code (IPC) during year 1969 now updated included also some sections related to voyeurism stalking were added indian penal law alongwith it should be noted that neither accused namely – poonam pandey nor Sameer ahmed actually committed themselves guilty but were used merely as tools by ruling party candidate contesting mumbai civic elections.

Consequently, the third person got motivated by these arrests and decided to put together a group of individuals supporting Poonam Pandey on raj kundra Island so that she gets bail and goes back home to her family as her father alongwith brothers are still inside prison with sister also being there poonams case has now been handed over sessions court mumbai prosecution is yet make statement whether they will be fighting or taking up defence.

In the Mumbai civic elections, it appears that the prosecution is not interested in a fair trial but just wants to discredit the opposition. There is no doubt that she was wrongfully detained and suffered police brutality on top of being raped by a mentally challenged person. But instead of going through the court because there isn’t enough proof to support her innocence. The Mumbai sessions court has already rejected charges against Poonam describing them neither as ‘pornography’ nor does it involve ‘rape’.

However, what is making news is only about Poonam’s arrest and not entire case which could be part of government strategy to strengthen its anti-prostitution laws beyond reasonable limits. It also reflects how much effort the prosecution is ready to put into this matter even if it may have been charged under wrong section of law. Any victory over putting Poonam behind bars will be considered another one for corrupt politicians in power at city hall. They are likely to exploit such instances as scare tactics aimed at further isolating other parties in opposition while tightening their grip over Mumbai.

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