Is Black Period Blood Normal?

Is Black Period Blood Normal?

Is Black Period Blood Normal? If you’re a woman, you know that this particular blood type can be very attractive to men. But is it normal?

What Causes This Normal? A chart called the Black Period Blood Chart shows the general color for each stage of your menstrual cycle. This chart is not exact but it is an easy way to see how you are progressing. The chart can be found at a doctor’s office or online. The basic chart shows the following colors.

Dark brown – this is the first “dark” stage of your period. This is the stage when your blood starts to get darker. At this point, your cervical mucus may also become thicker and darker, and your skin is getting redder as well. Dark brown also happens to be the most fertile time of the month. When you have dark brown, you may want to consider an early start to your period. However, if you don’t want to start taking birth control pills at this time, then you may wish to use an over-the-counter birth control method.

Dark orange – this is the second “dark” stage of your period. Your vaginal mucus has thickened and your skin is getting darker. This is considered to be the most fertile time of your cycle. If you are planning to start taking birth control pills at this time, you may wish to use an over-the-counter birth control method, or you may wish to use natural methods, such as wearing cotton underwear or even douching.

Dark red – this is the third “dark” stage of your period. Your skin has thinner and there may be a spot in the vagina. It is considered to be one of the most fertile times of your cycle.

Bright red – this is the last “bright” stage of your period. Your skin and mucus have thickened again, and your period flow is light. You may be able to get pregnant by this time, though your chances are smaller than before. Some women who have lighter periods find that they are more fertile at this time.

Is Black Period Blood Normal? This cycle has many variations, so what is normal for one woman might not be for another. However, some conditions make this cycle very abnormal.

Hormonal Imbalance – In most cases, this cycle is caused by a change in the level of progesterone or estrogen that you are using, either in your body or in your cycle. If this is the case with you, it is important to talk to your doctor to find out why. You may need to find the cause to fix the imbalance. If you think it may be related to a miscarriage, then it may be something as simple as changing birth control pills. Also, if you suspect that you are pregnant, it may be helpful to have a checkup with your doctor to get an accurate test to determine whether or not you are pregnant.

Pregnancy – A pregnancy can sometimes occur during the period of this cycle, as well. Your body can become so full of mucus, that you can not feel your cervix anymore. During this time, you might not be able to get pregnant. This can happen if you are not using birth control pills or if you are not having regular menstrual cycles. It may also be possible that you are not ovulating, which will cause your cycle to change to one that is slightly lighter than normal.

Endometriosis – This is a condition that occurs when you have problems with the growth of the lining of your uterus. This is also a reason for irregular periods. This may be a sign that you may be pregnant if you do not have any menstrual cycles during your period. If you have endometriosis, it can result in the growth of a mass on your ovary that resembles scar tissue, or a lump that can be felt around the outside of the uterus.

If you are wondering if your period blood is normal, you should know that it varies from woman to woman. For example, your period blood might be lighter or darker for some women. It may be normal if you have just had your baby, while it could be lighter or darker if you are expecting a baby. Other women’s cycles can be lighter than other women’s cycles, too.

If you do have questions about your period or your cycle, it is best to talk to your doctor. He or she can help you determine what your period blood is telling you.

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